Ultimate Chicken Tower Burger Recipe

Ultimate Chicken Tower Burger

This is the ultimate Friday night treat dinner! How high can you stack your burger - more importantly, can you get your mouth around in one bite?



TIME: 30 mins

TEMPERATURE: 200C (gas mark 5)


1. Remove 4 mini chicken fillets from all packaging, place on a plate cover with cling film. Defrost in a refrigerator for 13 hours.

2. Preheat oven to 200C. Pop in your hash browns and sweet potato fries which take 20 mins, then 4 mins later your onion rings which take 16. Keep an eye as they may be ready 1 or 2 mins earlier.

3.Decant the pesto into a dish and stir the chicken fillets with pesto so they are covered. Heat some oil in a pan until hot and fry off your fillets for about 15 mins, turning over once. To check they are done - cut one open and check it is not pink in the middle.

4. Pop the corn on cob in the microwave for 5 mins.

5. Split each burger bun. Pop in toaster or under the grill – not for long at all as buns burn quickly!

6. Take the buns out and smother a little extra pesto on the bottom. Add a little shredded lettuce, the chicken breast, and then pop some mayo on inside of the top piece. Either pop it on – or if you are stacking it up...

7. Pop a hash brown underneath the chicken, an onion ring on top of the lettuce, and then a slice of tomato to finish.

8. Serve with sweet potato fries and corn on the cob.

HACKS: If it’s toppling use a cocktail stick or toothpick or similar to keep it together!


4 x Iceland frozen mini chicken fillets

1/2 jar pesto

4 x tbspn mayonnaise

½ a shredded Iceland iceberg lettuce

4 x burger buns

Options to Stack it up:

4 x Iceland Hash browns

4 x Iceland Onion rings

2 x Iceland tomatoes, sliced

To serve:

Iceland sweet potato fries

Iceland Corn on the cob

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