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Home baking is a great way to make more of the food and recipes you love.

Whether you need strong white flour for a rustic loaf, self raising flour to rustle up a special birthday cake, or have simply run out of icing sugar, you’ll find all the key ingredients here.

Surprise your loved ones with a homemade treat at tea-time, make it a fun activity with kids, or freeze your masterpieces to enjoy at a later date – bulking up your supplies in the process.

If you’re baking with kids, you can use cake mix packs for a super convenient way to make their favourites.

For the chocoholics, a batch of gooey fudge brownies is just the ticket. You’ll even find chocolate spreads and more in our selection, to add to whatever you’re putting in the oven.

Channel your inner Mary Berry or Paul Hollywood, roll up your sleeves, and get home baking today with our huge range of baking ingredients.