Nando's Style Fakeaway

Nando's Style Fakeaway

Staying in is the new going out – it's cheaper for sure - and possibly even more delicious than eating out. Treat your family to this Nandos-style feast at home.



TIME: 45 mins


1. Serve up the olives for anyone that’s hungry whilst you get cooking!

2. Defrost the chicken the night before. The next morning, toss the wings and thighs in the marinade – use a whole bottle. Let it marinade all day or at least a couple of hours.

3. Preheat oven to 180C.

4. Pop in chicken thighs first – they take 45 mins. The wings take 30 mins, so pop them in after 15 mins. Shake Peri Peri salt all over both types of fries and bake for 20 mins turning half way through cooking. For the last 9 mins pop in the garlic bread.

5. Serve with the suggested sides: microwave your rice and your mini corn cobs. Add a knob of butter to the corn. Coleslaw is ready to serve, and don’t forget the sauces!

HACKS: Recreate a Nando’s wrap? Use soft tortillas, breast of chicken, some crispy lettuce, plus some perinaise.


1. 12 x Iceland chicken wings

2. 8 x Iceland chicken thighs

3. Peri Peri marinade

To Serve:

1. Iceland thin crispy fries

2. Iceland sweet potato fries

3. Nando’s Peri Peri salt

4. Iceland garlic bread slices

5. Iceland luxury coleslaw

6. Spicy Mexican rice

7. 8 x Iceland mini corn cobs

8. Butter

9. Nando’s sauce

10. Nando’s perinaise

11. Olives

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