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With our selection of potatoes, you’ll find everything from large jacket potatoes to bags of new potatoes, ready for cooking in your next meal.

Whether you boil, mash, roast or fry them as chips, potatoes are a staple carb that go well with almost every dish. Need a delicious lunch? Pop them in the oven or microwave and enjoy a crispy yet comforting jacket potato, served with a crispy side salad.

Boiled new potatoes are delicious and versatile. Dress them with garlic butter for a wonderful accompaniment to meat and vegetables. If you’re making your own chips at home, Maris Piper potatoes are the perfect size and give your chips a golden, crispy texture. You can also chop them into chunks and roast in the oven to have with your Sunday dinner.

In a rush? Our range includes pre-made mashed potatoes and new potatoes that you can quickly cook in the oven or microwave – saving you time after work.

Discover the full range of fresh fruit, veg and salad to bulk out every meal with your favourite healthy options.