Pork & Gammon

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Frozen pork, bacon and gammon products are great to have, whether you’re saving a joint for a Sunday roast, or treats for breakfast and lunch.

Planning for family meals has never been easier thanks to our amazing selection. You’ll be able to cook something new each week – or even each day – to keep everyone happy.

Browse everything from frozen bacon and gammon pieces to thick chops, packs of frozen pulled pork and succulent, glazed joints perfect for weekends.

Make delicious bowlfuls of meatballs with sauce, or serve indulgent ribs with crunchy salad and chips. You’ll be spoilt for choice when you come to stock up your freezer.

Find and select what you need to fill your plates, with our entire frozen meat range just begging to be browsed.

Whatever you choose to make, you’ll be able to find pork in our frozen section to suit your taste.