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Our frozen beef range makes it easy to get quick and easy meals at low, low prices.

Choosing frozen means your mince, steaks, burgers and other tasty cuts will last even longer, saving you money and waste.

We even have some frozen beef options that can be cooked straight from frozen, saving you time and effort as you won't need to defrost it (just check packs for details).

Grab frozen steak slices, diced beef steak, meatballs and even doner kebab meat for a Friday night “fake-away”. If you’re after a little inspiration, why not cook and use thin frozen steak slices in a baguette with a side salad, for a tasty pub-grub inspired lunch.

From premium cuts that may well melt in your mouth to healthier, low-fat meat options, create delicious meals every day of the week when you shop for frozen beef with us.