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    82p per 100 g

Choose cooked ham deals from us and start making yours and your family’s favourite sandwiches in a flash.

Choose from a selection of pre-cut sliced ham to make your favourite sandwiches in a flash, loaded with great taste.

A fridge staple that’s made for quick lunches and snacks, our range of cooked ham slices are a great value and convenient sandwich filler to have at home.

A perfect match with crusty bread rolls, mature cheddar cheese and your choice of sandwich spread, delicious packs of ham make busy lunchtimes and teatime spreads a breeze.

Our selection includes pre-cut crumbed and peppered ham, wafer-thin cooked ham, honey roast ham and more.

When you’ve got hungry mouths to feed, a pack of ham is a versatile addition to any fridge. For a weekend feast, chop up slices of our luxury ham and make a cheesy ham and potato casserole – it’s sure to be a winner.

For lighter meals, check out delicacies from our deli range and transform a simple salad to something splendid, combined with a zingy dressing and fresh veg.

Search our range of cooked ham online now or discover something new in our chicken and turkey cooked meats range.