Chicken & Turkey

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    48p per 100 g

Choose quality cooked chicken and sliced turkey from us and make prepping and cooking snacks and lunches quick and easy at home.

Delicious turkey and chicken slices are your best friend when it comes to making picnic food, like sandwiches and snack pots. They’re ideal when adding to platters and plates that are stacked and ready for a big party buffet.

Our cooked chicken and turkey slices are also perfect for packing into sandwiches that your kids will love seeing in their lunchboxes, paired with their favourite bread.

Stocking up on chicken and turkey from our cooked meats range means you can save time making quick meals. Each pack ready to add to pasta dishes, salads, curries, club sandwiches, pizza and more.

Too tired to prepare your lunch for work the night before? Add some ready-to-eat chicken from our cooked meats and deli range to a salad or wrap.

From roast-cooked chicken thighs and sliced turkey breasts to spicy mini fillets and wafer-thin chicken breast slices, find your favourites and add to your basket today.