Rice, Grains & Pulses

Rice and pulses are the foundation of any great Indian, Chinese or Mexican meal - when you really want a satisfying treat.

​Looking to make a simple lunch at work or home? Buy pots of flavoured long grain rice. Then just pour on hot water and start feasting.

​Whip up a quick, delicious stir fry with easy-to-cook microwave rice - or add pulses into a hot pan with chopped vegetables for an easy East Asian dinner.

Basmati rice, meanwhile, is a staple for any curry dish. Pick up a large packet for as little as a pound – and look forward to your weekend (or weeknight) treat. You can even build your own Indian takeaway with us!

Plan your quiet night in or family feast with rice and pulses at the centre. Just add your favourite flavours and ingredients – and anything from a mild tikka masala to a spicy veggie stir fry can be yours.

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