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Quick and easy does it with our "how to" series of videos, from easy teas to Holly Bell giving her frozen tips

Smoothies made easy

Shaping up for 2016? Smoothie-making can run even smoother with frozen berries. Throw them straight into the blender with bananas, apples and apple juice for a refreshingly fruity start to your day!

You can download this recipe card here.

How to make a superfood smoothie

Nuts about Curly Kale? Try it in this super-simple smoothie recipe whizzed up with mixed nuts, raspberries and ginger for a superfood kick!

Cod and Pea Crush

Fish from the chip shop? Codswallop. This is the real deal. Our juicy cod loins are caught, skinned, boned and frozen within hours and brought to you as fine fish. Teamed with a luscious pea crush, we show you how to prepare the perfect fish supper.

You can download this recipe card here.

Find out How to Cook an Enchilada in 30 seconds

Obviously it takes longer than that to cook a delicious Chicken Enchilada dish for the whole family. However we've created this bite-sized video to show you how easy it is to make using our frozen chicken strips.

Have you ever tried to cut a whole Dover Sole?

Have you ever tried to cut a whole Dover Sole? Well if you haven't and you are wondering just what you do then we asked our top chef Mike Truelove to show just how easy it is to fillet and cut this delicious fish

Make a lazy fajita with our breaded chicken fillets

Need some quick and easy inspiration? Our 100% breaded chicken breasts our one of our favourite products and make a perfect lazy fajita, like we show you in this "how to" video

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