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Bonus Promotion FAQs

Q. Who can take part in the promotion?
A. The promotion is available to selected Bonus Card customers only. You will be notified via email, text message and / or through the post if you have been selected to take part.

Q. What are the promotion dates?
A. You must achieve your target as outlined within your invitation between Wednesday 24th October 2018 and Sunday 25th November 2018.

Q. Can I track my progress throughout the promotion?
A. You can track your progress by logging in online at Please Note - Transactions can take up to 24 hours to appear.

Q. I have lost my Bonus Card with the number specified on the invitation – can I still take part?
A. Unfortunately you won’t be able to take part in this promotion without the correct Bonus Card number. There will be more exclusive offers throughout the year so to avoid missing out, please contact our Customer Care Team who will be happy to arrange a replacement card.

Q. I forgot to swipe my Bonus Card / swiped the wrong Bonus Card – what can I do?
A. Unfortunately, that transaction will not count towards your target. You must swipe your Bonus Card with the number specified on your invitation at time of purchase. Transactions cannot be added onto your Bonus Card after the event, even if you have your receipt.

Q. Do Bonus Card electronic savings, cashback, carrier bag purchases, or the £2 online shopping delivery charge count towards my spend target?
A. No, these purchases do not count towards your spend target.

Q. Can I use coupons for money off my shopping whilst taking part in this promotion?
A. You can use money off coupons but your final total after any discounts is what will be counted towards to the promotion. You must ensure your minimum set target is reached after your coupon discounts have been applied (or if receiving an online delivery, final purchase price of delivered items) for that transaction to qualify.

Q. Can I do my shopping online?
A. Yes, you can shop online at but you must have your shopping delivered on, or before, Sunday 25th November 2018.

Remember, there’s a £25 minimum order for online shopping (£2 delivery charge applies).

Q. When / how will I get my Bonus?
A. Qualifying customers will receive their Bonus on Saturday 1st December 2018. The reward will be loaded directly onto your Bonus Card with the number specified on your invitation (the Bonus Card you have been swiping to qualify). Your Bonus cannot be loaded onto any other Bonus Card.

Q. How do I redeem my Bonus?
A. Simply present your Bonus Card at the till and let the cashier know how much of your Bonus you would like to redeem. The amount will be deducted from your shopping total. Alternatively, you can spend your Bonus online at during the checkout process.

To spend your Bonus online;

  • Sign in / register at and add your Bonus Card by first selecting ‘My Account’ which is located in the top left hand corner of
  • Click on ‘Manage Bonus Card’ located towards the bottom left of the page. You can then enter your Bonus Card number into the ‘Card number’ box and then click ‘Add’ you should then see your Bonus Card above with the Bonus available (and any savings you have added to your Bonus Card).
  • Once your Bonus Card is showing via ‘Manage Bonus Card’, you’ve done your shop and are ready to pay, select the ‘Checkout’ button. Here there will be an option of ‘Use your Bonus Card (£X.XX available)’. You can then choose the amount you wish to spend from your Bonus Card. Any outstanding balance (if there is any) can then be paid via card or PayPal.
  • If you amend or cancel your order after 11.59pm on Wednesday 19th December 2018, the Bonus balance will be forfeited and any outstanding balance will be taken using the payment method from your order.
Q. Can I use my Bonus to pay for the £2 online shopping delivery charge, or purchase Bonus Card electronic savings, cashback, carrier bags, or in Scotland, alcohol purchases?
A. No, these purchases cannot be paid for with your Bonus.

Q. How long do I have to spend my Bonus?
A. Your Bonus will be loaded onto your Bonus Card on Saturday 1st December 2018. You have until Wednesday 19th December 2018 to redeem it. Any remaining Bonus after this time will be removed from your Bonus Card.

Q. Do I need to redeem all my Bonus in one shop?
A. You can redeem your Bonus in part or in full but remember that it will expire on Wednesday 19th December 2018 and any unspent Bonus remaining on your Bonus Card at this time will be removed.

Q. How can I check my Bonus has been loaded onto my Bonus Card?
A. You can check your Bonus has been loaded onto your Bonus Card by logging in to and checking your “Bonus Card balance” at the top of the screen.

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