Straight Cut Value Fry Chips 1.5Kg

(14 customer reviews)


Straight Cut Value Fry Chips 1.5Kg

(14 customer reviews)


67p per 1 kg

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How to cook

Deep Fry Frozen

Preheat oil to 170°C, 340°F

Remove all packaging.

Place the required amount of chips into the fryer basket.

Carefully lower into the oil and fry for 3-4 minutes or until crispy and golden.

Drain well before serving.

Caution: Always check the product is piping hot before serving.

Potato (95%), Palm Oil.

prefried deepfrozen fry chips

Manufacturers Address

Produced in Belgium for : Homestead Foods Ltd, Format House,108 High Street, Godalming, Surry, GU7 1DW, UK

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To contact us please call: 0800 328 0800

Storage information

Keep Frozen

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Customer Reviews

(14 customer reviews)

I used to buy them but they are very small now in size. It looks like one long slice of chips being chop into 4 times. I will not buy this particular one anymore. I don't recommend it unless they bring us back the way they used to be.



I have added a new review as I feel it necessary due to my previous review being so overwelmingly positive. After purchasing these chips every order I have tended to find as some others have pointed out the that on occasion the entire bag is full of tiny chips. They are so small in size that a lot fall through the fryer basket and a lot end up in the oil. I gather it is becuase they get a batch of smaller (maybe new potatoes) so I have lowered my overall rating to a 4*. I do think these chips are excellent when they are the normal full size but on the occasion that you end up with the tiny ones, I can now see that this may put you off them and especially when its your fist occasion to try them. Overall They are nice chips but i'd try and feel the bag in store and feel for larger chips before purchasing.

had been buying these very often no problem but last bag i bought were all clumped together like they had be defrosted and re frozen , but also they were black most of them.looked discusting . phoned and complained was l told never had any complaint about them before and was issued with a refund. but i wont be purchasing them again even if it was a one off

I have explained my experience with chips over the last 25 years see other reviews on Iceland so will not explain it all again. These chips are the best Iceland do for frying chips in my opinion. They cook nice and even and to correctly describe them, they are not french fries as some others have called them. They are regular chips which are solely intended to be fried and not oven cooked. I will not say anymore than this. Get a fryer and some "clean" cooking oil and tell me these chips are not great. If you love a large plate of chips then I am confident you will agree.

Not many of these chips were over 1 inch. Much better chips instore Avoid

These chips are the best beat top name brands!!

The worst chips ever! Would mark 0 if I could.

Used to be great now they are cut small, some too small, even after long cook still not browned, still pale white and chalky.

Nutrition Info


Potato (95%), Palm Oil.