Furs & Purrs Hygiene Cat Litter 10L

(19 customer reviews)


Furs & Purrs Hygiene Cat Litter 10L

(19 customer reviews)


45p per 1 litre

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Our non-clumping cat litter consists of extremely porous Hygiene granules made of recycled materials that instantly soak up moisture. By removing moisture quickly, development of odour is greatly reduced. This will keep your home fresher for longer, whilst also inhibiting bacterial growth for a more hygienic environment for both you and your beloved cat. By using Furs & Purrs Hygienic Cat litter you provide your cat with a litter tray that is always clean and hygienic.. Light-weight. Low dust. Good odour control. Non-clumping. Furs & Purrs.

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Customer Reviews

(19 customer reviews)

Does not mask smells. You can know when the cats are using their.bathroom. It is a shame. If this is addressed then the litter is well worth it.

Won't be buying again, felt it was not value for the money, I have a large litter tray & what litter was left in the bag will not refill the tray again. plus its so dusty. Not good at all.

This is terrible the clouds of dust that come up when you tip into tray cover everything. I have tried every different way of putting it in to tray with same results. It also gets stuck in cats paws leaving a trail throughout the house. I’ve tried many brands both cheap and expensive this comes bottom of the pile, my cats sneeze every time they use litter tray as the dust flies up with them digging.

This is the best most economical litter I have used ( oops the cats have used ) the more expensive litter had to be completely changed regularly whereas this one 2-3 days , remove poop and wet patches means some weeks I haven't needed to have a complete clear out . My girl is fussy but has shown no inclination of refusing to dust, the boy is an outdoor cat and now happily uses his box for his business,with him it tends to be more poop ,once removed I have went 2 weeks considerably without change . Both cats have White Sox which haven't gone grey through dust , and the only time I've see dust is when I'm filling or emptying , dust is a common feature from cheapest to ultra expensive litter. Thank you buyers at Iceland for sourcing a great inexpensive item.

After 60 years of cat ownership this if first that is odour free. Excellent. Please don't change brand again. This is great!

not bad i have to add some heavy cat lit to it as it is to light my maine coon keeps tipping the tray expensive for what it is

This same quality cat litter is available at my corner shop for £1

I usually buy wood pellet cat litter which is great because iit's dust-free, biodegradeable and doesn't get stuck in your cat's paws, as can happen with this type of litter. However, as I had run out, I bought this cat litter due to the good reviews. I have to say, it is probably the worst cat litter I have ever bought. As I was putting it in the tray, so much dust came up in my face. it is full of cloudy dust. Each time I add some more litter or remove some, the dust clouds come up into the air. It is not easy to see when the litter is soiled either. My cat refused to use it after one try. I bought two bags but have had to order my usual wood pellet litter on a next day delivery and these 2 bags of Furs & Purs will be going in the bin, one of them unopened. Goodness knows what it does to the cat's lungs because the clouds of dust from just gently putting it in the tray made me cough. If you want a good litter that is safe, doesn't have clouds of dust, is easy to see when it is soiled and the cats love, go for wood/wood pellet cat litter..

This is brilliant cat litter at such a good price.I have bought cat litter over many decades and this represents the best value ever.Really absorbent,odour free and the granules are slightly larger than usual,so I find it easier to clean up bits my cat has sprayed out of the tray.