Finish Powerball Classic 110s

(17 customer reviews)


Finish Powerball Classic 110s

(17 customer reviews)


8p per 1 unit

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5 -15% Oxygen-based Bleaching Agents, <5% Polycarboxylates, Phosphonates, Non-ionic Surfactants, Enzymes (Subtilisin, Amylase), Perfume (Hexyl Cinnamal, Linalool)

When washing up with a dishwasher, Finish dishwashing tablets deliver powerful dish and glass cleaning in the toughest conditions. The dishwasher tablets are suitable to be used in most dish washing tasks that involve a dish washer. When washing up with a dishwasher for clean dishes and glasses you can enhance dishwashing by using Finish Dishwasher tablets in conjunction with Finish Dishwasher Rinse Aid and Finish Dishwasher Cleaner. The powerball soaks and softens tough food stains while the powerful detergent lifts off all kinds of good. #1 recommended. Everyday clean. Finish.

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Customer Reviews

(17 customer reviews)

I have a dishwasher about a year old. I've tried many types of dishwasher tablet and his one is fine, does the job it's supposed to do .. cleans the dishes. I use it on the 30 minute wash and have no problems at all.

I am guessing that these are the old fashioned dishwasher tablets. The older shoppers will remember that in the 1980s we had powder, then Tablets and finally these with an added ball. Meanwhile the diswasher manufacturers have been making machines more economical and more reliant on the washing capsules to make them work. We have an old dishwasher and these will be perfect it washes much better than a new Bosch machine which is ecological but does not do the job as well Pay your money and take your choice!

The cleaning was so poor I called out the engineer to check my one year old machine. Left stains and food on cutlery snd crockery. Changed for another brand which cleans .

this product works perfectly well on the eco setting on our 1yr old Siemens dishwasher.

awful product. leaves white powder residue which means you then have to handwash them. stay clear from this. Complete waste of money. Had to throw the whole box away.

This is an awful product, coated my cutlery and crockery in its dry white powder. Residue can be seen all over my dishwasher. My dishwasher is brand new and has rinse aid and dish washer salt filled in so definitely a poor quality product to stay clear off. Was worried that these tabs would damage my machine. Contacted Finish customer service who brushed my complaint off and gave me dishwasher maintenance advice instead. Nanna refused to give me a new box in exchange for this one. I’ll have to throw this out as it isnt any good, please avoid. There are other better brands out there! This is not a bargain at £9 if it doesn’t work, should not be sold to the public.

Thought these would be great value for money but they really didn't clean the dishes properly, left the glassware all cloudy and even the dishwasher looked dirty! Don't think these are the real thing.

Leaves a powder residue on everything, and requires a second run in the dishwasher to remove the stuff

This left powdery marks over everything requiring rewashing with a different dishwasher tablet!

Don't bother buying these. Tea/coffee mugs left with stains on, a horrible residue remains on everything. Not worth the money.


5 -15% Oxygen-based Bleaching Agents, <5% Polycarboxylates, Phosphonates, Non-ionic Surfactants, Enzymes (Subtilisin, Amylase), Perfume (Hexyl Cinnamal, Linalool)