Arctic Royal 4 Atlantic Salmon Fillets 520g

(17 customer reviews)


Arctic Royal 4 Atlantic Salmon Fillets 520g

(17 customer reviews)


£15.38 per 1 kg

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How to cook

Cooking Instructions General

For best results pan fry from defrost The following instructions are guidelines only. Ensure the product is thoroughly cooked and piping hot before serving. Cooking time may vary slightly due to the size and thickness of portion. Do not refreeze after defrosting. Defrost in a refrigerator Remove required amount from all packaging, place in a bowl and cover with cling film. Defrost in a refrigerator for 24 hours. Once defrosted, keep refrigerated and consume product within 48 hours.

Microwave From Frozen

Based on 1 fillet 1. Remove outer packaging, pierce pouch several times. 2. Place on a microwaveable plate. 3. Cook on Full Power (Cat E 800w) for 3 minutes. 4. Stand for 1 minute. Take care when opening this product as there may be a build up of steam!

Oven cook From Frozen

1. Preheat oven Fan 220°C/Gas 7. 2. Remove required amount from all packaging. 3. Wrap loosely in foil. 4. Place on a baking tray in a single layer near the middle of the oven for 30 minutes.

Shallow Fry From Defrost

1. Preheated a little oil in a frying pan. 2. Fry over medium heat for 8-10 minutes. Turn halfway through cooking time.

Atlantic Salmon (Salmo Salar) (Fish)


Contains: fish

"Our delicious Salmon Fillets are farmed in the cool clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The Salmon is filleted and frozen within hours, ensuring you serve only the freshest, finest fish. All Arctic Royal products are responsibly sourced protecting the surrounding marine ecosystem.". Skinless, boneless & individually wrapped. Cook in 3 mins. Responsibly sourced. Arctic Royal.

Manufacturers Address

Packed for: Arctic Royal, PO Box 117, Manchester, M11 0AY, UK.

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Customer Care If you are not fully satisfied with this or any Arctic Royal product, please return the packaging to the address below stating where and when purchased. This does not affect your statutory rights. Arctic Royal, PO Box 117, Manchester, M11 0AY, UK.

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Heat Sealed

Storage information

Keep Frozen

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Customer Reviews

(17 customer reviews)

I loved this product and hope it will make a return soon, it made up the bulk of my shop from Iceland! I understand it may be an issue with the supplier as they have removed this product from their website. Please if possible can you pester them and tell them they made the greatest frozen salmon product available.

Agree - this product is the only reason I shop Iceland and then buy other things

Like the previous reviewer I hope you are getting these back in stock. I have been buying these for a very long time and could not believe that they seem to have disappeared from the iceland website. They are absolutely delicious and in my opinion far better than any that the other supermarkets sell. Individually packed, no waste, healthy and delicious. I will be a very sad customer if these do not return and by the look of the universally good reviews, I am sure I will not be the only one who is disappointed.

Please bring this product back in stock, it’s the best frozen salmon I have tried and always make sure I have a supply in my freezer. Great for a quick, easy and healthy meal.

Very impressed with this product, tasty and good quality, by far the best. Will buy again.

Had two packs of this so far, no skin and no bones, very good. Maybe very slightly oily/greasy, but that is what is supposed to be good for you. Lovely flavour. Did mine with a covering of foil and a little soy sauce and ginger. Not cheap but still very good.

This is some of the best salmon I've ever had. You can cook from frozen, in a foil parcel, or defrost and pan fry. Whatever way you prepare it these are the best value salmon fillets you can buy

These are the best salmon fillets I have ever had. I usually make a marinade which includes honey, soy sauce, ginger, garlic etc. and bake it in the oven without foil. Delicious.

I have tried salmon from lots of different supermarkets but these are by far the best for taste and quality. Baked in the oven with a little oil and garlic they are delicious. I can thoroughly recommend them.

I really enjoyed these when will they back in stock cooked well nice with stir fry veg and noodles

Nutrition Info


Atlantic Salmon (Salmo Salar) (Fish)


Contains: fish