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Slashing Our Salt Intake

We all love a salty snack to curb those cravings. Or perhaps a little sprinkle on our food at dinner time? But all that salt does little to help our health. With side effects ranging from sluggishness to high blood pressure, this is one eating habit that shouldn’t be taken with a pinch of ‘you know what’.

Why should we reduce salt in our diets?

Whilst we all need salt in our diets, too much salt has been linked to health problems such as high blood pressure (hypertension), which can lead to heart disease and strokes.

What is the maximum daily allowance?

Department of Health guidelines recommend that the salt intake for adults should be cut to less than 6g of salt (2.5g sodium) per day. Salt consumption for babies and children varies according to age.

How can salt be reduced in the diet?

Salt naturally occurs in many foods. However, most of the salt in our diets comes from adding salt whilst cooking or at the table, and from processed foods. A reduced salt intake can be achieved by limiting the amount of salt added to foods, checking the labels on processed foods and eating a healthy balanced diet.

How does Iceland label their own products to help people who want to reduce the salt in their diets?

At Iceland, we have been working hard to reduce salt levels in our own-label products since 2004. Our salt reduction programme is well underway and our suppliers are working closely with Iceland product technologists to ensure good progress. We have shared our plans with The Department of Health and are committed to reducing salt levels in key product categories over the coming years. To help our customers make informed choices, we are committed to open and honest labelling of our own-label products and we declare the full nutritional information on the product packaging.

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