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Vegetables & Potatoes, frozen vegetables, vegetables, frozen food, vegetable recipes, roasted vegetables

Delicious Frozen Vegetables

From field, to freezer - our frozen vegetables are picked at the peak of freshness and frozen whilst fresh. Thanks to the #PowerofFrozen, all of their delicious tastes and textures are locked in to make sure that you can enjoy the benefits of freshly picked veg, whenever you like?

We know that eating vegetables can help us to live a healthier lifestyle. We think that something that's so good for our bodies should be good for our taste buds too, don't you? That's why we've put just as much thought and attention into making sure that our frozen vegetables are just as mouth-watering as the rest of our food.

High quality frozen vegetables

We've experimented with spices and creative combinations of common and not-so-common veg to bring you more interesting ways to get our healthy frozen vegetables into your meals.

Take our Four Bean and Pea Medley, for example - it's a great tasting way to get all of those important nutrients, and it's high in protein.

Food quality is very important to us (our AA grade frozen peas can attest to that), but so is convenience. Our frozen vegetables save you money on waste - simply take out the amount that you want, and pop the rest back in the freezer.

Frozen Mash?

Frozen vegetables offer so much - for so little. But let’s not forget the humble potato. Yes, they're frozen too. And whether mashed, chipped, sliced or roasted, from our luxury Maris Piper Chunky Chips to luxury Potatoes Au Gratin, you can rest assured of a dish to be proud of. Even our frozen mash (yes... frozen mash) has been praised by Good Housekeeping for its smooth texture and creamy taste.

frozen vegetables, vegetables, frozen food, vegetable recipes, roasted vegetables

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