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Our best ever frozen chicken

Chicken offers so much, and at Iceland, for so much less. Except now it's even better. Better quality, better range and, as ever, better because it's frozen at its freshest. Kids have always loved our chicken nuggets, dippers and steaks and now you can too - because our Best Ever frozen chicken range is made with 100% chicken breast fillet. It tastes really good - because it IS really good. And because it's frozen the minute it's prepared, you can be confident it's fresh too.

100% Chicken breast fillet

Take our Breaded Chicken Nuggets for example. No artificial colours, no artificial flavours - just your children's favourite made with 100% chicken breast fillet and coated in our exclusive, golden crumbly bread crumbs. Then there's our new Crispy Chicken Nuggets. Again made with 100% chicken breast fillet, but this time coated in our exclusive crispy batter. And when it comes to dippers, need we say more? Of course we do. No surprise to hear that they are our Best Ever frozen Chicken Dippers and come with NO artificial colours, NO artificial flavours - just our exclusive golden crispy batter and made with 100% chicken breast fillet. No wonder they're our best ever!

New additions to our frozen chicken range

But our frozen chicken range doesn't stop at nuggets, we've been working on recipes with chicken to bring you a whole new menu of scrumptious dishes that combine our meaty favourite with a combination of spices, sauces, new flavours and sides. Like our Peri Peri Chicken, Chicken and Sweet Chilli Noodles and our BBQ frozen Chicken Selection Pack.

There you have it. Just a few ideas to add value - sharing better ways to cook, prepare and enjoy your frozen chicken. So mix it up for mealtimes and start grilling, frying, baking, barbecuing or microwaving - it's all good. It's all easy. It's all from the Power of Frozen.

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