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breakfast recipes, healthy breakfast, breakfast, birds eye

Exciting new breakfast recipes

Explore new ways to eat breakfast with our Birds Eye frozen breakfast range. Cereal isn`t the only quick and convenient way to enjoy the most important meal of the day. Which is why we`ve teamed up with Birds Eye and developed new frozen breakfast recipes to bring you a completely different way to start your day. Swap your slice of toast for a sweet and fluffy pancake, your cereal for a Belgian waffle. We know what you`re thinking - surely cooking waffles and pancakes would be more time consuming than quickly fixing yourself a bowl of cereal or slice of toast in a morning? Usually, you`d be completely right, but the Birds Eye frozen breakfast range can actually be toasted from frozen in under five minutes! That means that you can enjoy freshly baked waffles and pancakes every morning, and can afford to hit that snooze button one more time.

A more convenient breakfast

Got a little more time to play with in a morning? Why not try experimenting with different frozen breakfast ideas using our waffles and pancakes? We`ve been busy trying out some recipes of our own, and we think that you`ll love some of the mouth-watering frozen breakfast recipes that we`ve come up with. Add our Butcher`s Market Smoked Back Bacon to your pancakes, finish off with a drizzle of maple syrup and enjoy a quick and easy American style breakfast. Try topping your waffles with your favourite fruits and syrups for a sweeter start to the day.

Healthy breakfast ideas

Breakfast is meant to set you up for the day, and if our fruit smoothies can`t do that, then nothing will. For even more breakfast ideas there`s our wide range of fresh fruit - always perfect on their own or as part of a breakfast recipe. Why not get creative with a fruit salad? For a really super breakfast, our frozen Quinoa porridge (just another addition to our frozen breakfast range!) is packed with goodness and exciting new flavours - for a healthy breakfast recipe, simply add a handful of our fresh or frozen fruit and you`re onto a winning combination!

Breakfast just got serious. Leave the cornflakes to the kids.

breakfast recipes, healthy breakfast, breakfast, birds eye

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