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Bigger and better fish fingers

Whether it`s just a childhood memory or a staple snack that`s become a daily delicacy, it`s hard to beat the simple fish finger sandwich. We love it too, and we`ve asked the question - how can we make it even better? Simple - make our frozen fish fingers bigger and improve upon the ingredients. Introducing then, our new chunky frozen fish fingers... they may just be our best ever. Simply 100% Atlantic cod coated in our exclusive, golden crumbly bread crumbs. Serve them between two thick slices of buttered fresh bread and a dollop of tartare sauce. The best fish finger sandwich (we believe)...ever!

Getting creative with frozen fish

Little creative touches can make a huge difference to your food. It`s that creativity that is at the heart of everything we do - with our frozen fish and seafood range being no exception. Our new products include frozen Fish En Papillote. They`re delicious fillets of Seabass, Salmon or Cod laid on a bed of tantalizingly tasty vegetables, drizzled in complementary sauces and wrapped in an oven-ready parchment package to seal in all that flavour.

If you`re feeling a little more adventurous, why not try our freshly caught and frozen Cornish Sardines, or Moules Marinière?

Frozen fish and seafood you can trust

In short, freshly caught fish, shellfish and The Power of Frozen couldn`t be more complementary. When your favourite Iceland fish is caught, you can be sure its quality is captured. Natural flavour retained, and nutritional goodness intact. Only when you`re ready to eat it, will it reward you with a freshness - and value - you never knew was possible.

Why not try one of our highly commended frozen fish products? After all, Good Housekeeping loved our 4 Salmon Fillets, praising them for their "Good fresh taste, soft texture, and natural colour." So what are you waiting for?

We`re guessing seconds.

Iceland Whole Cornish Sardines 350g, frozen fish, fish, seafood, Iceland, frozen food, frozen seafood, fish en papillote

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