Throwing the Ultimate Party on a Budget

Planning a Halloween party on a budget needn't be scary.

Get to grips with what's needed for a truly spooktacular celebration with some handy money-saving hacks, from devilishly tasty Halloween party food to dastardly decorations and Halloween costumes.

Here are our top tips for throwing the ultimate Halloween party - without breaking the bank.

The Great Halloween Party Hunt

Who knows what fiendish party-ready items might be lurking in the darkest corners of your home? Take stock of what Halloween goodies you already have and dig out anything that could be used or repurposed for your party. Spooky though it may be, the loft, garage or spare bedroom may be hiding a forgotten gem or two.

Feeling organised? Use this time to have a proper clear out. Have a bag ready for the charity shop and recycling, and also for potential items to sell online or at a car boot sale - the extra cash could help pay for Halloween party essentials.

Halloween Party Planning

Now you can start dedicating some time to planning. Outline how much you would like to spend, who you plan to invite and what's needed to make it a party to remember (food, drink, Halloween decorations - all the essentials!).

This will not only allow you to see what's achievable within your budget, but it will also encourage you to stick to it as well.

Halloween Party Food - Shop Smart

Use your party plan to structure your shopping. Aim to buy only what you need, so none of your food or money goes to waste.

Buying frozen food can help significantly reduce food waste. You can buy it ahead of your party, have options ready in the freezer and cook as much as you need on the night (rather than cooking everything in one go and throwing food away).

There's plenty of frozen party food that's perfect for occasions such as these, and is quick and easy to prepare and serve.

Scarily Good Deals

Staying on budget can require some detective work, so be sure to regularly look out for money saving opportunities and deals.

If you need a hand getting started, we can help. Register with Iceland online to get regular updates and news of upcoming deals and exclusive offers.

Buy in Bulk

If you are planning on having a lot of guests over for your Halloween party, buying food, drink and other supplies in bulk can also help you to save money. Browse bigger packs to bag yourself a bargain.

'Bring Your Own'

Another easy way to cut down on costs is to encourage friends to contribute to the fun. It's not unusual for party organisers to suggest that guests 'bring their own', so don't be afraid to ask.

DIY Delights

Making your own Halloween decorations can be a lot of fun. While it's tempting to go all out and splurge on Halloween accessories, resist the shopping trip and use the time to get creative instead. The scarier, the better!

Black and orange bunting on the walls can make your home effortlessly Halloween-y, or if you have empty food tins to hand, why not try painting and piercing them with a spooky Halloween message? These can either be used as props around the house, or you could add a candle to them to create a haunting Halloween lantern.

Need a centrepiece for your Halloween party food? We have just the thing. Discover how to make your own Halloween Dirt Cake with our frighteningly easy baking hacks.

Halloween Pumpkin Ideas

Halloween is all about creating the right atmosphere. An easy and cost-effective way to make the mood extra-spooky at your Halloween party is by switching to candlelight. After all, what's Halloween without a perfect pumpkin?

If you are looking for Halloween pumpkin ideas with a difference, we have free templates for you to use here. Simply find one you like and print away.

Homemade Halloween Costumes

You can still go to town on your Halloween costumes without splashing the cash.

Why not spread your wings in a brilliant homemade bat costume? All you need is an old black umbrella, a black hoodie, strong tape and some scissors. Get crafty by cutting the umbrella in half and attaching your new wings to the arms of your hoodie. Adding bat ears to your hood is a nice touch too.

Have a spare white t-shirt? Carefully cut holes in the front of it to make it look like a rib cage. Worn with a black top underneath and spooky skeleton-style face paint to match, this outfit can be scarily good, without costing a small fortune. Or, when in doubt, a retro 'bed sheet ghost costume' will always do the trick...

Start Saving for Your Next Halloween Party

Once you have thrown your event and everyone's had a great time, think about saving up for the following year. Did you know that for every £20 you save onto an Iceland Bonus Card, you'll get an additional £1 to spend at Iceland absolutely free?

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With that and these money saving tips, you too can achieve your dream Halloween party. Stay spooky.