Milk is a true essential of breakfasts and hot brews around the nation.

​So pick up a pint and make sure your fridge is well-stocked! Whether you want some skimmed milk for your cereal, semi-skimmed milk for that all-important cuppa or a glass of delicious whole milk, we’ve got a great variety of options to choose from.

We’ve also got a fantastic range of soya milks and nut milks, including coconut and almond milk. We also have oat and lacto free milk varieties too.

Large cartons of fresh and pasteurised milk can help make sure family mugs and breakfast bowls never run dry, while those looking for a low-fat option can opt for red-top milk.

Shop with us today and get free delivery if your total order comes to more than £35.

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  • £1.40
    47p per 1 litre
  • £1.59
    72p per 100 ml
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    £1.25 per 1 litre
  • £1.80
    £1.80 per 1 litre

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  • £2.75
    £1.53 per 1 litre
  • £2.75
    £1.53 per 1 litre
  • £0.71
    71p per 1 litre
  • £0.60
    11p per 100 ml
  • £0.60
    £1.06 per 1 litre