Chinese Pork Belly

Chinese Pork Belly Recipe
  • Prep time 9mins
  • Serves 4
  • easy
  • Prep time 9mins
  • Serves 4
  • easy

This delicious Chinese Pork Belly Recipe is the perfect balance of sweet and spicy. Pair with some rice for the perfect dish! See method

What you’ll need


Slow Cooked Chinese Pork Belly:
Pork Belly
Chicken Stock
Rice Wine

For the Sticky Glaze:
Brown Sugar
Ginger Paste
Soy Sauce


Air Fryer or Slow Cooker.
Chopping Board
Frying Pan


  1. Add pork belly slices, chicken stock, ginger, garlic and sugar to a slow cooker and cook for 2 hours. If you're short on time you can cook the seasoned pork belly in the air fryer for 40 minutes. Once cooked skip to step 3.
  2. After 2 hours remove the pork belly from the slow-cooker remove the pork belly from the pan and pat dry using kitchen towels.
  3. Next chop the pork into bite sized chunks.
  4. Grab a small bowl and mix together 1 tbsp of oil, along with a pinch of salt and pepper, 1 piece of ginger, 1 red chilli, 2 tbsp of honey, 2 tbsp brown sugar, 3 tbsp of soy sauce and 1 tsp lemongrass paste.
  5. Add the remaining 1 tbsp of oil to a frying pan and place over a medium-high heat, adding in the pork, along with dash of salt and pepper. Then fry!
  6. Next, pour the glaze over the pork and continue for a couple of minutes. Make sure to turn the pork often until the pork looks dark and sticky.
  7. Finally, remove the heat and serve. Add chopped chilli and spring onions and serve with some fried rice. Delicious.