Foods You Never Knew You Could Freeze

There are a range of foods, from dairy such as milk & cheese to cakes and eggs that can be frozen to give them a longer life.


Simply cool it quickly by placing the container of rice in cold water, cover it and pop it into the freezer within an hour of cooking


If you’ve bought a box of eggs but aren’t going to use them all straightaway, you can freeze them by cracking them into a sealable container


  • Milk – Freeze in plastic containers, freeze it as soon as possible after buying and put it in the fridge to thaw out when you need it
  • Cream – Whip fresh cream and freeze in a plastic container
  • Butter – Freeze in cubes and add them straight into the saucepan when you’re cooking
  • Yoghurt – Freeze in their plastic containers or in lolly moulds
  • Cheese – The easiest way to freeze cheese is to grate it first

Fruit & Veg

Citrus fruits like oranges, lemons and grapefruit freeze well in slices, and can also be juiced into ice cube trays. You can freeze lots of vegetables, too. For example, you can freeze cooked carrots in a sealed container labelled with the date you froze them, or you can parboil uncooked carrots for a few minutes and cool them in iced water before freezing them.


Once again, it’s the freezer to the rescue when it comes to saving these sorry spuds from the bin – they can be frozen no matter how they’re cooked, and uncooked potatoes just need a 5-minute boil before they’re ready to be frozen too.


Simply freeze them whole in bags or chop them up and freeze them in water in an ice cube tray. You can add them into your cooking still frozen!

Baked Goods

The freezer is also great for loaves of bread, packets of croissants, cakes and any other baked goods you’re not going to get through. You can pop a loaf of bread in the freezer and take a slice or two out at a time whenever you need bread.

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