Easy Meal Planning

Winner, winner, you’re sorted for dinner!Dinner time doesn’t need to be hard work. With a little bit of planning you can have healthy family meals on a budget ready-to-go every night of the week. There’s nothing like the feeling of knowing whats for tea when the kids (or significant other!) ask.Here’s some valuable tips when planning your evening meals, that will ensure you’re never bored eating the same thing!

Tip 1: Create a menu to pick from

Use the meal plan as a list of options that the family can pick from each night. This is far better than having a meals set for particular days… and then having the family moan about it! You’ve done all the hard work up until this point, so let them choose, thereby giving them a level of responsibility. Of course if you’re busy one evening, then do plan in a quick meal intended for that day.

Tip 2. Eat fresh first

We recommend your meal plan consists of frozen products as well as fresh, because there are so many benefits to shopping frozen, such as the convenience and less waste. But inevitably you will have some fresh ingredients in your recipes, so make these meals towards the start of the week to prevent fresh food spoiling.

Tip 3: Meal categories

To ensure each day is different, it’s easier to think of meals as categories. For example, each week aim to one recipe per based on pasta, rice, potato, bread, meat or fish. There are so many ways to go from this starting point.

Tip 4: Use what you have

Before starting any meal plan, check what you have already. Whether that’s fresh ingredients that need using up, or those tins which are taking up valuable cupboard space. They will be fantastic inspiration to build up on the meal categories from Tip 3. Not only will it help you keep a good rotation of food, but it’ll save you money.